By using BlanX White Shock toothpaste twice a day, you can restore natural whiteness to your teeth. However, you should not alternate it with other toothpastes, as this can impact its performance.

It is difficult to evaluate the whitening effects of a toothpaste when test conditions are not standardised. This is because several factors can influence the success of a whitening toothpaste, for example the "degree of whiteness" that the teeth have initially. Clearly, if the dental enamel is already white, it may be difficult to detect any significant change in colour.

On the other hand, if the teeth are marked with light or even severe stains, which may go deep into the enamel layer, this will affect the rate at which positive results are achieved.

 We have demonstrated the whitening power of the product, tested under standard conditions with approved protocols. However, this does not mean that in practice there will not be circumstances where the toothpaste acts at a slower rate.